We have the facilities for creating character data, which provides the motion capture needed via our Xsens mvn system. Its portability means we can capture data almost anywhere and even remotely. We have 2 Xsens suits available and one iPhone facial capture rig set up. For productions that require more than 2 actors or for using specific creature rigs like our digilegs or tail rig, we have partnerships with motion capture studios that use an optical system for capturing data.


An inertial system that uses sensors placed around the body to detect movement which is fed back to a computer via a wifi router.
This setup allows the motion capture to be portable.


An optical system that uses reflective markers placed around the body with multiple inferred cameras positioned around a volume. The markers reflect the inferred back into the same cameras which feeds into a computer to create a 3d digital body. 



Mocap provided by Xsens Mvn Link System
1 suit Full day hire: £750 (includes assistance with performance directing)
Additional Suit: £500

Facial capture with an iPhone 12 mini and standard deviation hmc: £200

Actor Performance: £600
(Location for capture not included)
Clients will receive all the reference videos and mocap data captured on the day’s shoot. The data will be processed and cleaned via the Xsens mvn software only and sent as an fbx file within 3-5 working day.

Motion capture provided by Xsens Mvn Linked System