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With our Xsens system, we are able to capture an actor's performance in almost every environment. Xsens is the world's leading inertial portable mocap system which has been used on multiple triple-A films and video games. We own 2 mvn suits and 2 facial capture setups using iPhones and custom head mounts. Xsens is excellent for human biped and quadruped motions with or without our arm-Xtensions attached.


Room size 10m x 8m - 48 Vicon Vantage 16 Megapixel Cameras - 4 DXYZ Head Cams

Some of our more complex creature rigs require an optical setup for motion capture. In partnership with Portsmouth University CCIXR, we are able to provide the most optimised motion and full performance capture data with our rigs, including the post-animation required for the data. Each rig has been tested through the studio and has pre-existing 3d scanned models and solves that are ready to go.

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