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Finding actors who have the skill to embody the physicality of a creature/fantasy character can become a difficult task due to the low volume of actors who are capable of such skill. Here at Creature Bionics, we can provide the actors you'll need or performance coaches who are able to train your cast and oversee the performance throughout the production. We also offer audition workshops that will help to discover the right cast for your production.



Stage 1 / Duration: 3hrs 

Performers will learn the movement required for video game mechanics to create specific movements based on the character that they are auditioning for. They will be assessed on their overall fitness, attention to detail and effort given to their character performance. Each performer will be required to perform the character movement they created for camera, which will be edited and sent to you within 3 working days.



Final Stage / Duration: 1hr Per Person (3 Maximum)

Using our inertial mocap system, Xsens Link, we will suit up the 3 finalists in individual sessions and have their audition performance retargeted onto a character in real-time via Unreal. The finalists will be given a new character to create a set of movements for and will be assessed on how they adjust their performance from seeing the character move in real-time and additional factors needed for animation purposes.

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