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Providing Practical Effects

Our creature performance rigs are designed to act as additional limbs to help an actor/performer imitate the skeleton/anatomy of a specific creature/fantasy character for performance purposes. The rigs are solely operated by the movement of the individual’s body and require no additional support.
The benefits of an actor/performer having a similar physicality as their character, helps them to become more grounded and connected to the character, which will have a greater impact
on their performance. Simultaneously, this evokes a better performance from fellow cast members who are involved within a scene and gives the director a better visual reference. For VFX, it provides better reference material collected for post-production purposes.

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Press play to see our rigs in action!
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Here is a display of some of our rigs that have been developed and manufactured
by Creature Bionics. 
Please select the image for more details and prices.


In partnership with Target 3D motion capture studio, our monster legs and creature tail were captured using an Optitrack optical set-up. This video is a clear demonstration of the benefits that come from using our creature rigs compared to not using the rigs. On the left is Ace Ruele without the rigs and on the right, with the rigs. The creature asset is from the Unreal Marketplace and the data was captured in real-time playback without any additional motion editing in Unreal Engine.

All of our creature rigs have been tested in motion capture and have had solves created for them. 

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