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Disclaimer: By using this data, you agree to credit Creature Bionics and use the hashtags #creaturebionics on social media. You also agree to send us a copy of the finished material that used our data to

Please Note: The Xsens data has been Hd processed through the Mvn software only and all optical data is unedited.

Quadruped Walk Test
Using Mini Arm Extensions

The mini arm extensions worked well with the software because body dimensions didn't have to be exaggerated too much to incorporate the use of them.

Quadruped Walk & Run Test
Using Arm Extensions

The body length measurements had to be adjusted a lot to incorporate the length of the arms. Additional Y splits (2 on each arm) had to be used to be able to place the hand sensors on the lower part of the arm extensions.

Walk & Attack Test
Using Digi-Platforms

The Digi-platforms act as high heel shoes which enables the actor to keep their heels high and create a digitigrade leg skeleton without having to be much higher than their normal height. The rigs only work after calibration and the actor has to keep their legs bent to create the Digi style walk. 

Coming Soon!

The first of its kind. Never before have creature rigs of this calibre been created for creature performance in motion capture.

The demo data will be available this spring!

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