Exercising the potential in Creature, Fantasy & CG Character Performance




Creature Bionics is a U.K based character development and performance specialist, focusing on Creature, Fantasy and CG characters for film/tv and video game productions. We prioritise working with the production team and the cast on character development to produce the best performance. This may include, 1. Breaking down the script and carrying out thorough research to discover the character's wants, needs, personality and psychology. 2. Designing the character's physicality and locomotion. 3. Developing specific creature rigs to enhance the posture, physicality and locomotion. 4. Provide or coordinate the motion capture required for the production. Our services will ensure that the cast is prepped and ready for shoot dates and also aid the production team with minimising cost and time from having to use and communicate with multiple vendors to provide the services we offer as a company.

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 From Concept To Performance 

In-depth knowledge of the character's plot/history is fundamental to discovering and creating their psychology, intentions, behaviour and locomotion. 
We will work with you and your team on the initial steps needed for the development of the characters, then translate the information into a practical format and coach/supervise the cast through the process.


Providing Practical Effects

We develop and manufacture creature rigs that enable the actor/performer to imitate the skeleton design of a specific creature or fantasy character. This helps the actor/performer to create a more realistic performance, as well as provide better data for VFX referencing and motion capture.


Providing Motion Capture Data

We own 3 Xsens mvn portable suits, which means we can provide the motion capture performance remotely or on location. For performances that require a high volume of actors/performers or data that is compatible with all of our creature rigs, we have partnerships with motion capture studios that have an optical system in place with an existing set-up for the use of our rigs. 


For Castings and Productions

Our performance team have a profound understanding of how to embody and emulate non-human characters. We can provide the character performance needed, help to discover new talent through our casting workshops, or train the existing cast on board.  


Performance Training for Performers & Animators

The academy provides training on:
Creature/fantasy character development and performance.

How to use our creature rigs for performance purposes.
Video game mechanics for motion capture, plus more.
Our workshops are suitable for performers and animators
who want to create their own reference material.