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Class Details:

The session will start with an intensive warm-up, which will lead to participants learning how to create quadruped movement without the Arm-Xtensions. After the first break, the Arm-Xtensions will be introduced and used throughout the rest of the session. Participants will learn 3 different quadruped styles with the arm extensions with the main focus being on understanding an Ape's locomotion. After lunch, participants will learn about video gameplay locomotion and will have to create their own character and locomotion suitable for animation. Each participant will have their performance recorded and receive feedback on their performance. 

Class Layout:

  • Check-In

  • Warm-Up with Gaby

  • Creature movement without arm extension

  • Introduction to using the arm extensions

  • How to walk with the arm extensions

  • How to run with the arm extensions

  • Various additional movements with arm extensions

  • Introduction to video game mechanics and creature development

  • Character and locomotion design

  • Performance and feedback

  • Cool-down

  • Check-out

Course Tutors


Ace Ruele

Lead Tutor 
Course Coordinator



Robin Berry

Lead Tutor

Assistant Coordinator


Gaby Nimo

Lead Tutor
(Warm-Up & Cooldown)


Daniel Norford

Assistant Tutor


Lucky McQueen

Assistant Tutor

Please Note: Not all tutors will be present at the workshop

Addition Notes:
this workshop takes place at The Hive (Garden Studio), starting from 9am and finishing at 6pm. There will be two 10-minute breaks, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, and a lunch break for 40mins. Sandwiches and bottles of water will be provided but you can either bring your own lunch or go out to eat.


  • Hand sanitiser and cleaning facilities on site.

  • The session will be recorded on a 4k camera. You will receive the locomotion/movement you performed within 2 weeks after the session. Some of these clips may be used by us, Creature Bionics, as promotional material or for commercial purposes, therefore a release form will need to be signed if you do not mind appearing in any of the material.

  • Everyone will have to sign a disclosure form stating they are taking the class at their own risk. The arm extensions may look fun but if not used properly, they can result in serious injuries.

  • There will only be 12 spaces (12 pairs of arm extensions) available per class as I want to be able to have enough awareness of everyone’s progress throughout the session.

Please be aware that this is not a motion capture workshop. The skills gained from this session can be used for motion capture, especially the section on locomotion which is used for motion capture in video games, but the workshop itself is focused on creature movement and video game mechanics.


The fee for attending the workshop is £250 + 5 booking fee (booking fee only applies if paid online. Bank transfer available with no booking fee).

Deposit now and pay later scheme:
Participants have the option to pay a £100 deposit to secure a space in the workshop with the remaining balance to be paid 14 days prior to start date. Failure to pay the remaining balance before the due date may result in the space no longer being available.


For payments via bank transfer and for the pay later scheme, please contact us via email.

Rent Arm-Xtensions for 7 days:
For an additional £75, participants can rent the Arm-Xtensions for a week if they wish to improve their skills and create more content.

Refund Policy:
We do not offer a refund for the workshop as arm extensions may have been made or held from being rented or sold specifically for the class. For reasons such as work, medical, emergency, child care and family matters, the fee can be used for the following workshop. 
If the session has to be cancelled via the organiser, a refund will be issued within 28 days unless you would like to keep your place for the next available workshop.




The Hive

Garden Studios,

42-50 Steele Rd


NW10 7AS

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