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Mocap monologues give performers the opportunity to deliver a monologue or movement piece of their choice, whilst using full performance capture in real-time. The real-time mocap allows the performer to see their selected CG/Digital character move as they move, giving them instant feedback on their performance preparation for the final recorded performance.

What will the session consist of?

  • A brief introduction to how an inertial mocap system works.

  • Mocap movement coaching on understanding the limitations when working with digital assets in real-time.

  • Real-time time display of CG character in motion.

  • Monologue/Movement performance (1.5min max)

Important Information:

  • Session Cost £250 (First 3 spaces at £200)

  • Duration: 2 - 2.5hr (30mins extra for any technical issues)
    Date: August the 18th
    Location: Garden Studios/The Hive

    42-50 Steele rd, Nw10 7as

  • The session will consist of two performers working at the same time. Each performer will have their own suit and mocap system to use.

  • A maximum of 6 performers


Save £50 by booking the session with someone you know. 
(Discount only applies for the full rate of £250.

Instead of £500 it will cost £450)

What I will receive?

  • A wide and close-up screen record of the CG character mocap performance on a plain background (exactly the same as MetFilm version)

  • Raw audio file

  • Raw MP4 video of live performance

Please Note:
The video files and sound will not be edited together and you will receive 3 separate files. For side-by-side edits, there is an additional fee of £75. Files will be sent within 10 working days.

Course Tutors


Ace Ruele

Lead Tutor 
Course Coordinator



Luara Romer-Ormiston

Lead Tutor
Mocap Movement Coach


Daniel Norford

Lead Tutor

Assistant Coordinator


Robin Berry

Lead Tutor

Assistant Coordinator

Please Note: A minimum of 2 Tutors will be present.

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